My Central Italy

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What My Central Italy is

My Central Italy is my way of letting you see Italy – the Country where I was born and which has nurtured me most of my life. Come on then, and make It(aly) yours … through me!

My Central Italy Mission

Through My Central Italy, which was conceived in 2005 but actually born in 2009, I aim at sharing with both Italian and foreign tourists and students a very personal vision of Central Italy, especially Northern Lazio and Umbria. My goal is to make your experience of visiting the “bel Paese” as special, fulfilling and memorable as possible. With this in mind, I constantly monitor, test, and share what is being offered in the territory which I help to promote and develop, also in partnership with other Italian and international companies, associations, travel agents and tour operators.

Bed and breakfast Italy

My Central Italy Areas of Interest

  • Tourist Promotion, especially in Northern Lazio and Umbria by:
    • supporting tourist accommodation: bed and breakfast Italy, holiday homes, country houses, agriturismo, small hotels;
    • organizing tourist and cultural activities;
    • writing and sharing updated news and info about:
      • places to visit;
      • particular and “tasteful” events you can take part in.
  • Tourism Management. More specifically:
    • tourist management services for or in partnership with other national and international companies, associations, travel agents, tour operators, private owners of tourist facilities;
    • total management or co-management services for owners of tourist structures (agriturismo, bed and breakfast Italy, country houses, holiday homes, small hotels);
    • marketing and promotion services for owners of tourist structures.
  • Organization and Teaching of the Italian language for foreigners (individuals or small groups);
  • Translations by mother tongue translators from / into Italian, French, and English;
  • Tutoring and Editing Services.

My Central Italy Ideal Addressees

My Central Italy is a very specific professional proposal which addresses:

  • visitors wanting to travel to Italy for tourism and who are not interested in the common and touristy destinations, but would like to experience a more intimate, quieter, and unhurried approach to Italy;
  • students wanting to study the Italian language whatever their level of knowledge is;
  • Italian and international travel agents and tour operators wishing to enhance their tourist offers through my original approach and my services;
  • Italian and international owners of tourist structures aiming at developing their business: agriturismo, bed and breakfast Italy, country houses, holiday homes, small hotels;
  • Italian and international owners of private structures planning to enter the tourist market and transform their properties into an agriturismo, a bed and breakfast Italy, a country house, a holiday home, a small hotel.

About me

I was born and raised in the Lazio region of Italy, but also studied and worked in France, England and the US. My goal in working for you is to contribute to making your stay in Italy easier, more authentically tasteful and more culturally interesting. I am prepared to help you find the best accommodation for your requirements in the structures I promote (bed and breakfast Italy, holidays homes, country houses, agriturismo, small hotels). I can also assist you with travel tour details.

In addition to this, I would be happy to cook delicious typical regional meals for you, either having you as a guest in my house in Orte (the bed and breakfast Italy The Dog Rose), or coming to where you are staying (if that interests you, click on Touring + Food & Wine and on A Taste of MCI ).

As a teacher of Italian, French, and English I had extensive experience abroad, including France and the U.S. (for more info about this click on Courses of Italian in Central Italy).

Bed and breakfast Italy about me

The Areas I Promote

My Central Italy promotes mainly the district of Viterbo, in the Lazio region, and the district of Terni, in the Umbria region. Both areas are incredibly rich in natural and architectural landscapes as well as in history and in folklore. All the places I choose stand out for their precious and rare authenticity, where you can still experience the original Italian way of life with its colours, perfumes, and everyday rhythms.

Bed and breakfast Italy Italian in Central

Discover Central Italy Through Me

Through My Central Italy I promote a territory with amazing cultural and tourist potential, that is still difficult to discover and truly experience if visitors do not speak Italian well enough. By writing and translating information about places I know in depth, and by supporting events in which I participate regularly:

  • I offer a crucial response to the present lack of good online material in English about Lazio and Umbria;
  • I aim at giving you the opportunity to visit and to experience an unusual and  authentic Italy during your next trip.

By exploring this website you will find updated and detailed information about:

  • many beautiful and remarkable local places to visit;
  • the most important events that take place in the area throughout the year;
  • cafeterias, restaurants, accommodation you can choose when you travel in Lazio and Umbria regions;
  • other activities you can enjoy during your stay;
  • useful and practical suggestions.

The Blog

Interested in knowing more about me and what I do? Then, follow me also through my blog, where I write weekly about the most various topics related to My Central Italy. You will read about:

  • situations I experience or I am told of;
  • interesting people I meet;
  • news I read and that I share with you;
  • new sites, restaurants, accommodation I visit, try and evaluate periodically, where you can choose to go / stay during your next trip to Italy;
  • hints on cool things to do when in Italy;
  • products I find in farms or local shops – which I taste and promote if they meet my standards – that you can try and buy when in Italy or that you can purchase online if you wish a “taste of Italy” without travelling;
  • Italian recipes I cook and try before sharing them online;

Visit My Central Italy and Make It(aly)…Yours!

If you are a visitor and would like to get the most out of My Central Italy I encourage you:

  • to stay in one of the properties I co-manage / promote:
    • several bed and breakfast Italy;
    • holiday homes located in historical villages, in the countryside, in somewhere in between;
    • apartments or rooms in agriturismo with pool and other activities;
    • small hotels;
  • to be my actual guest in my home – namely The Dog Rose ▪ bed and breakfast Italy;
  • to consider taking part in some of the many exclusive activities I organize alone or in partnership with other professionals (click on Touring + Food & Wine, A Taste of MCI, and on Courses of Italian in Central Italy).

Experience My Central Italy

If you want more than a wonderful self-made holiday, make the most of the activities I can organize for you during your stay:

Each activity is unique and exclusive – you won’t find  them offered in any guidebook. Costs and more details for each service can be discussed directly with you via e-mail, or by meeting in advance at the holiday house, agriturismo, bed and breakfast Italy, other accommodation where you are staying.

Courses of Italian for Foreigners

I teach my individual / small group courses either at my home – the bed and breakfast Italy The Dog Rose -, in other tourist structures I co-manage / promote, or also in the place you have independently chosen for your stay. The programs are adaptable in duration and degree of in-depth study, according to your needs and wishes. I will help you improve your Italian and encourage you to participate in a range of other activities, such as, bicycle rides, cookery courses, cultural tours, visits to my Italian friends .

Bed and breakfast Italy

Courses of Italian “Beyond” My Central Italy

If you are a foreigner wishing to learn / improve your Italian having me as your teacher but:

  • you are in my area and
    • you do not feel like being my guest at my bed and breakfast Italy (The Dog Rose);
    • you prefer an individualized program;
  • you are not spending your holiday in Central Italy;
  • you have a property in Italy where you go periodically which is not in Central Italy;
  • you do not want to move from your own Country,

I can be your teacher in many creative ways by:

  • coming to where you choose to stay in Central Italy and teaching you there;
  • travelling with you and teaching while we are together;
  • coming and staying at your Italian residence … wherever in Italy;
  • coming and staying at your residence … wherever you live in the world!!!
  • teaching you via online lessons.
Bed and breakfast Italy


Enjoy your holiday in one of the facilities I either manage 100% (The Dog Rose, bed and breakfast Italy), co-manage or just promote:

  • bed & breakfasts
  • holiday homes
  • country houses
  • agriturismo
  • small hotels

The various structures have been selected, among other things, for their differences from one another in order to offer a broad range of choices in terms of size, type, style and costs: countryside versus historical centres; wider and wilder views versus richer and more orderly grounds; simply decorated interiors versus refined Italian family style.

Additional activities, such as walks, bicycle rides, cookery courses, food and wine tasting, cultural tours, lessons of Italian and much more may be organized upon request (click on Services & Activities).

Tourism “Beyond” Central Italy

If you wish to spend only part of your holiday in Central Italy and would like to explore other splendid corners of Italy, I can help with my selected suggestions of:

  • places I have visited over the years;
  • accommodation I selected and evaluated during my trips:
    • traditional or original bed and breakfasts (an example of original bed and breakfast Italy is the “Boat & Breakfast “ I promote in Sicily);
    • holiday homes
    • agriturismo
    • country houses
    • small hotels
  • services and activities which the partners whom I work with can offer.
Bed and breakfast Italy

Services for Tourist Operators

Are you a Travel Agent or a Tour Operator? If so, I can do a lot for you as your area manager for Northern Lazio and Southern Umbria.

Let me enhance your tourist offers and your business by:

  • organizing, coordinating, and supervising:
    • tourist itineraries (the ones you can see clicking on Touring Around, but also others that we can build in partnership);
    • courses of Italian for foreigners;
    • many other high quality and unique tourist services and activities I conceived and have been offering with great success since 2009;
  • suggesting new locations and tourist structures for your clients;
  • assist your clients whenever needed during their stay.

Services for Owners of Tourist Structures

Do you own a tourist structure or a property that you would like to transform into a tourist residence (into a bed and breakfast Italy, a holiday home, a country house, an agriturismo, a small hotel) and to market it successfully? If so, I can help you in many ways thanks to my expertise as a:

  • manager / co-manager of tourist structures and facilities;
  • promoter;
  • editor and copywriter in Italian, English, French;
  • translator from / into Italian, English, French.

 Translation Services

My interest in the theory and the practice of translation started quite spontaneously when I was a teenager and has become my field of specialization from my university years onwards. As a undergraduate and graduate student I specialized in the “criticism of translations”, in particular exploring in depth and writing about the theoretical and practical problems related to:

  • the translation of poetical texts;
  • the rendition of “humour” and “laughter” in a different language;
  • the cinematic transposition of literary texts and operas.

As an actual translator from 1995 onwards, I translate from and into Italian, English, and French, but always in partnership with other mother-tongue translators, whom I personally and carefully select. This kind of refined translating method originated from the important lessons I learnt during my university years. It is based on my firm belief that the joint-work of at least two mother-tongue translators is indispensable in order to produce impeccable translations. The “actors” involved in this process are:

1) the translator into the “target” language: a mother-tongue speaker of  the language of the original text;

2) another translator whose mother-tongue is the language in which the original text has to be translated.

These two professionals work in a synergetic way: one of them realizes the “draft-translation” that the other supervises and checks accurately, so producing  translations faithful to both the “form” and the “content” of the original text.

Tutoring Services

I’ve been tutoring Italian and international students (either children, teenagers, or adults) for more than 25 years. So, take advantage of my experience and expertise if you need help with your:

  • Italian
  • English
  • French

Online tutoring classes are also available.

Editing Services

If you need a text you wrote or a translation you made to be professionally edited, my team of mother-tongue translators and I can offer you a very accurate service in the following languages:

  • Italian
  • English
  • French