Shopping for Food and Household Goods in the Historical Centre

If you choose to spend a few days in the Orte area – staying either in one of the facilities I promote (a bed and breakfast Italy, a holiday home, a country house, an agriturismo, a small hotel s) or in one you selected independently – and you wish to buy local high quality products in the city centre, here is a list of my favourite shops (opening hours: 9 am – 1 pm in the morning; 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm in the autumn/winter season; 5 pm – 8 pm in the late spring/summer season. Normally closed on Sundays):

Bed and Breakfast Italy musical greengrocer's shop
Bed and Breakfast Italy maps orte
  1. Pasta all’Uovo (open also on Sunday morning; closed on Monday morning). All the fresh made foods are excellent, but do not miss trying the traditional lasagna and the “ravioli with spinach and ricotta”. I, of course, can cook some of these foods for you adding my sauces and other dishes (see Food & Wine);
  2. L’Angolo di Simone (closed on Thursday afternoon). Here you will find a little bit of everything: local sliced deli meats and cheese; bread, pizza and biscuits / cakes prepared in the bakery located in the main square of the town (see point 3); fresh milk and assorted beverages; many other local, high quality products;
  3. Panificio Ortano (closed in the afternoons): bread, pizza, and traditional local biscuits / cakes;
  4. Greengrocers’ shop (closed on Thursday afternoon): in this shop, where you can find fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, you might also have a chance to hear some great music. The owner, Massimiliano, is in fact a talented musician who often plays his wind instruments when the shop is open;
  5. Small Supermarket (closed on Saturday afternoon): it sells good local sliced deli meats and cheese; bread, pizza and household goods.

If you want me:

  • to shop for you;
  • to shop with you;
  • to cook with some of the ingredients you have bought either being my guest at my house (The Dog Rose, bed and breakfast Italy & more) or where you are staying;

click on Food & Wine for more info.

 Shopping for Food Around the Historical Centre

There are many shops around Orte but the closest area where you can find high quality goods is on the road right below the ancient city centre: the Coffee Bar “Filiacci for breakfast Italian style and cigarettes; next to it, there is a very good bakery, open only in the morning (try the pizza schiacciata, perhaps with slices of mortadella that you can buy in that same shop). On the other side of the street there is the Post Office and, if you need to withdraw cash, a bank / cashier. Driving a little bit farther, at about 400 metres, on your right you will find the supermarket Superconti (open also on Sundays) and the shop Acqua e Sapone for household goods.

Shopping for Food in Local Open Markets and Farms

If you wish:

  • to visit and buy fresh vegetables at a local open market nearby Orte (more colourful and interesting);
  • to taste and buy some high quality foods produced by the farmers of the area, such as local wines; sheep cheese; mozzarella & other buffalo cheese; salami and cold pork meat; “porchetta” (typical tender roasted pork); organic meat and eggs; products made by the local nuns, and more…

… well, let’s talk and plan to go together (for more info on these services, click on Food & Wine).