… not as fun as if you do it directly with “My Central Italy, bed and breakfast Italy & more”, but … you know, the most important thing is that you are HAPPY!


Visiting Orte mostly on your own. Guided tours are the only option if you wish to visit:

  • Underground Orte
  • the Necropolis of San Bernardino
  • Seripola Archaeological Area

These guided tours are available all year around mostly by reservation and depending on the season and weather conditions. For visiting the above mentioned places of great  interest, I strongly suggest that you hire one of my partners – all professional guides – as:

  • not all the other professionals guides do their job the way “My Central Italy, bed and breakfast Italy & more” would like it to be done J
  • by choosing your guide through “My Central Italy, bed and breakfast Italy & more”, you will get a discount J J

You can visit the historical centre and its attractions on your own, according to your interests and … staying power:

  • the Diocesan Museum
  • the Civic Museum
  • the Museum of the Confraternities…

However, I guarantee you that the company of one of the professional guides who work with me will make your visit a totally different experience.

Guided tours with one of “My Central Italy, bed and breakfast Italy & more” partners can be:

  • in Italian
  • in fluent English
  • in fluent French.

Visiting on Your Own the Surrounding Areas by Train

Rome Orte has fantastic train connections with Rome, so think twice about driving if you want to visit it. There are trains to Rome from Orte Scalo Train Station: it will take only 35 minutes to get to Roma Tiburtina, and less than 45 minutes to arrive at Roma Termini.

 Parking very close to the train station You can park your car in the big car park near the train station. To reach it, turn left before actually entering Orte Scalo (there is a sign: “P fs”). Cost of the parking ticket for 1 day: 1,50 Euros. You will find ticket machines in the parking lot. Important: remember to bring change with you, as there are no personnel to help you. Roma Termini Train Station is located in the centre of the town. From there you can take buses n. 40 or 64 to S. Peter (be careful, these buses attract pickpockets) or the underground to Piazza di Spagna or to the Colosseo.

Train tickets There is a special 1 day ticket (it is a return train ticket plus all Rome public transport: it is called B.I.R.G., and it is only for regional or interregional trains). It costs 12,00 Euros and you can buy:

  • at the Orte  Scalo  train station ticket office;
  • at the train station coffee bar;
  • at the tobacconist’s on the main street (Via Garibaldi).

For info on train schedules and destinations, have a look at the Trenitalia website,

Other nearby destination you can comfortably reach by train are, in the Lazio region:

  • Viterbo (also by bus, that you can catch at Orte Scalo, outside the Train Station Ticket Office),

and, in the Umbria region:

  • Narni
  • Orvieto
  • Spoleto
Bed and Breakfast Italy piazza della minerva

Visiting the Surrounding Areas by Car

I recommend that you explore by car some of the beautiful small towns of the  Lazio and Umbria region such as:

  • In the Lazio region:
    • Bagnaia
    • Bomarzo
    • Civita Castellana
    • Civita di Bagnoregio
    • Lake of Bolsena
    • Sutri
    • Tarquinia with its necropolises.
    • The Roman ruins of Ferento
  • In the Umbria region:
    • Amelia
    • Cascata delle Marmore
    • Trevi

For more info, contact me.

Bed and Breakfast Italy Cascata delle Marmore
Bed and Breakfast Italy Civita di Bagnoregio
Bed and Breakfast Italy visiting mostly Bomarzo