Orte is a very picturesque small village in the heart of Italy. The beauty of the area, easily reachable thanks to an excellent road and rail network system, makes it:

▪ a perfect place to stop and stay (have a look at the facilities I promote: “bed and breakfast Italy”, agriturismo, small hotels, country houses, holidays homes);

▪ a strategic point also to visit the nearby areas of historical, artistic, archaeological, folkloristic, and naturalistic interest.


Orte Through History.  Ancient inhabitants, well aware of the strategic importance of this kind of location, settled its Bed and Breakfast Italy nerrow ancientoriginal nucleus on top of a tuff rock, flanked on one side by the river Tiber. An Etruscan town as far back as the 9th century B.C., it was the site of the biggest and bloodiest battle between the Etruscans and the Romans at the nearby Lake Vadimone (4th century B.C.). In Roman Times Horta  was an important stage on the ancient Via Amerina. The bridge over the river Tiber and the river port of Seripola promoted intense trade between the areas north of the city of Rome and Rome itself. The Museo Civico Archeologico,  in the historical centre, houses many exhibits from Etruscan necropolis’ and others from Roman and Medieval times.

Diocesan see from the Middle Ages, Orte exerted an important political and religious role through the centuries, as its numerous historical buildings and churches still prove today. Remarkable, the Museo di Arte Sacra in S. Silvestro, the most ancient among the churches.

Orte Today . Medieval and Renaissance buildings are still the setting of contemporary everyday life in Orte. Here everybody knows everybody and chat with each other. The public places – the main square and the narrow ancient streets leading off from it, the little shops and the coffee bars – become natural extensions of the private home space. If you want to experience all that very closely, choose to stay in one of the structures I promote in Orte:

  • The Dog Rose, bed and breakfast Italy & more;
  • The Dandelion, holiday home.
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Bed and Breakfast Italy the dandelion intern

Meals. They are always delicious, whether it is a take-away, home food, or eating in regional restaurants, tavernae and pizzerias. For more information on this, click on Tasteful Suggestions – Orte . As to the most significant dishes of the local culinary tradition you should try, here is my selection:

visciarelli al sugo piccante;

coniglio in porchetta;

crostini di fegato;

carciofo dolce.

If you wish to know more on these dishes, click on Tasteful Suggestions – Recipes – Orte;

If you would like:

to try them cooked by me at The Dog Rose ▪ bed and breakfast Italy & more – or in the facility where you are staying if equipped with a kitchen;

learn how to cook them;

have a look at the section “Buon Appetito 1” and “Buon Appetito 2” in Services & Activities

Bed and Breakfast Italy meals


Orte offers so much to see / to experience / to taste (especially if you do with me [link a About US] ) that I strongly encourage you to plan at least  a 2 night stay, ideally in one of the facilities I promote:

  • The Dandelion, holiday home in the centre of Orte;
  • Bellis Perennis, bed and breakfast Italy;
  • The Dog Rose, bed and breakfast Italy & more;
  • Hyacinthus, country house;
  • The Water Lily, agriturismo.

Places to Visit. If you decide to come to Orte, you cannot miss visiting:

Orte Sotterranea. It is a very suggestive underground area, with its Roman-Etruscan Aqueduct passageways, the “Dovecote,” and the Pozzo di neve (the “Snow Well”).

Bed and Breakfast Italy orte sotterranea

Bed and Breakfast Italy orte sotterranea cathedralThe antique Cathedral Organ. This instrument, that has united and enchanted the local community throughout the years, is one of the most important organs internationally. It is unique worldwide thanks to its original Renaissance structure and is the only surviving work of Domenico Benvenuti, one of the most famous organ makers of the 16th century. From 1st September 2000, following a delicate restoration, it has been possible to visit the instrument and it has become not only an unforgettable experience for music enthusiasts but also a moment of entertainment, a unique opportunity to experience the greatness of music.

You can visit the Organ with me and discover the charm and atmosphere of its ancient sound. I will take you to the cantoria – the area where the Organ is located and where the visitors and the congregation cannot normally enter. I can also organize, on request, short concerts which will help you fully appreciate the unique charm of the instrument’s harmonies.

Bed and Breakfast Italy lo gusto dello medioevoEvents. The main annual religious, touristic and “food & wine” festivals that merit a mention are:

  • the Medieval festival Ottava Medievale di Sant’Egidio of great cultural and “food & wine” importance, thanks to the inhabitants of the seven districts (the ancient contrade), who serve local traditional dishes to visitors in characteristic taverns, and who, in the day dedicated to Lo Gusto de lo Medioevo, present a menu rigorously Medieval (31 August- 2nd week of September).
  • the Processione del Cristo Morto, the oldest historical re-enactment in Italy of the Procession of the Dead Christ (Good Friday);
  • the floral festival San Sebastiano in Fiore (3rd and 4th weekends in May);
  • Orte in Cantina, a very colourful and fun food & wine tasting tour during which you can visit private cellars and characteristic taverns (4th Sunday of November and 1st Sunday of December);
  • the Presepe vivente  (live Christmas Cribs) during the Christmas period.

For more info, contact me.