A Taste of (My) Central Italy

Benvenuti 1. Let “My Central Italy ▪ Bed and Breakfast Italy and More” contribute in preparing your holiday home / country house!

I will make sure your fridge has fresh beverages and homemade local food for the day of your arrival and breakfast for the first day of your stay. Ingredients will be decided on together in advance according to your preferences and needs.


Benvenuti 2. “My Central Italy ▪ Bed and Breakfast Italy and More” will prepare a buffet meal with ingredients bought for the most part from nearby organic farms. I will bring the foods and the wines / beers to where you are staying at a prearranged time and, while eating together:

  • I will give you practical information about the area where you have chosen to spend your holiday;
  • I will describe and prioritize things for you to do during your stay;
  • I will provide details on services I can offer to make your holiday more enjoyable and more interesting.
Bed and Breakfast Italy a taste of central
Bed and Breakfast Italy touring food wine tasting

Buon appetito 1. Enjoy a full regional Italian meal:

  • at the facility where you are staying;
  • at my house,  The Dog Rose ▪ Bed and Breakfast Italy & More;
  • in a dreamy residence I promote.

The menu – with ingredients and  wines / beers mostly coming from organic farms of the area – will be decided on together.


Buon appetito 2. If you decide to rent one of the holiday homes or country houses I promote in Central Italy, but don’t want to cook during your holiday, I can do it for you where you are staying as often as you like. You will taste dishes that Italians cook in their everyday life – local foods, wines and beers that you wouldn’t normally find in a restaurant.

Cooking together 1. Enjoy Italian cooking lessons:

  • at your holiday home / country house;
  • at my house, The Dog Rose ▪ Bed and Breakfast Italy & More More

Menu to be decided on together. Average duration of this “cooking experience”: 3/4 hours.

Cooking together 2. It is a shopping & cooking experience with “My Central Italy ▪ Bed and Breakfast Italy and More”. We will meet in the morning and decide on an Italian menu for dinner. Those in the group who would like to, can come and shop with me at a local open market and shops: it is going to be fun and interesting, I promise.

The cooking experience continues in the afternoon, either:

  • where you are staying, if the kitchen is well equipped;
  • at my house, The Dog Rose ▪ Bed and Breakfast Italy & More More , if you are a small group less than 8 people;
  • in another facility where there is room to cook and have dinner, if you are a group larger than 8 people.

Everybody will help me:

  • cooking,
  • setting the table Italian-style.

Then we can enjoy the dinner together.

Bed and Breakfast Italy a taste of central


It is a combination of 2 services:

  • Cooking together 1 + PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHS;
  • Cooking together 2 + PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHS.

Enjoy your special party in Central Italy and take home great visual memories of it with the support of an experienced professional photographer with photo portraits, landscapes and still life. This “My Central Italy ▪ Bed and Breakfast Italy and More” partner will capture the best moments of your event in Italy. He can arrange group photos, set up the right portable lighting, and create a composition for a unique portrait using the location as a natural and poetical background. He will take still life photos of all the details: from the preparation, table arrangements, decorations, food and location. The finished service will be delivered to you on CD with hi-resolution and low resolution photos.

For more info, cost details, and availability, contact me.